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31 December 2012: With heavy hearts we regretfully announce that PD Publishing, Inc will be officially closing at the end of the year 2013.

We are very proud of what PD Publishing was able to accomplish over the years – quality books, happy customers, and happy authors. With everything in consideration, it is best that PD departs as gracefully as it can at this time. All things must come to an end, and we want this to end before our health or our family suffers further.

So, over the coming months we will be busy closing the books and tying up loose ends with our authors and distributors. Current books in print will stay in print until contracts are officially terminated. Author and title names will still be on PD's website until the terminations are finalized.

Thank you for your support of our authors over the years. We truly would not have made it this long in publishing without it.





Titles and authors posted on our webpages are still under contract and have NOT been officially released as of May 2014.



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